Fact Check: A Muslim boy is mercilessly beating a Naga Sadhu in Dehradhun.

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Recently on various social media sites and WhatsApp, a video is being forwarded where a man is beating an alleged Naga Sadhu. This video is accompanied by the following text:

देहरादून में एक मुसलमान लड़का ,नागा साधु को बुरी तरह पीट रहा है ,जब लोगों ने आपत्ति की तो वो पुलिस से बचने के लिए अपनी बहन से जान बूझ कर छेड़खानी का आरोप लगवा रहा है


“A Muslim boy, is mercilessly beating a Naga Sadhu in Dehradhun. And when people objected about his actions, then save himself from Police he fabricated a complaint against the Naga Sadhu stating that the Naga Sadhu misbehaved with his sister.”

This video had been shared by a person with “Amit Kumar Hindu” handle on Facebook:


w.e.f from 30th August 2018, Facebook removed the content as it violated their policies.

This narrative has been shared on Twitter:

This video had been shared on YouTube:


w.e.f from 30th August 2018, YouTube removed the content as it violated their policies.

This narrative is trying to stroke communal disharmony by misleading public. As per investigation, we found that this video is about an actual event which happened in Dehradun, Uttarakhand on 24th August 2018.

But the person who is getting beaten up is NOT an actual Naga Sadhu. Allegedly he is from a local snake charmer community who dressed up as a Naga Sadhu and while allegedly drunk, misbehaved with a woman in a muslim dominated area. He allegedly asked the woman to show her breasts and subsequently got beaten by family members & local people. This video captures a part of that incident.

We tried Google reverse search on the video and image. But we were not able to pull up any detailed information about this video or incident. Only clue we could find was a video of 24th August 2018, when Khabar Uttarakhand, in their official YouTube channel uploaded a different video in reference to the above story, showing the alleged Naga Sadhu being taken to the police station in Dehradun.

Then we directly interacted with our sources in Dehradun and spoke to Police officers who had a direct know how about this incident.

They gave us the following information:

1. The person who is getting beaten up is not an actual Naga Sadhu. He is allegedly a local snake charmer who got drunk and misbehaved with a woman. Subsequently he got beaten up by her family members & local people gathered there.
2. He is married and his wife’s name is allegedly ‘Sumi’. He is not a Naga Sadhu.
3. Allegedly a criminal case has been filed against this person impersonating a Naga Sadhu & misbehaving against a woman, with crime number: CR-351/18 under sections 354B, 504, 452, 374, 511 of Indian Penal Code.
4. The case FIR was allegedly registered at Patel Nagar Police Station, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The contact number of the said police station is: 0135-271-6219.

In conclusion, this video even though captured an incident which actually happened in Dehradun on 24/8/2018, but the context and narrative that it was communal is misleading and fake.

3 thoughts on “Fact Check: A Muslim boy is mercilessly beating a Naga Sadhu in Dehradhun.

  1. Hey Factcrescendo it’s been a while that I have been following up with your stories, Am happy that during these hard times when entire media in India is controlled and news is created for personal gains and social platforms acting as accelerators to the sponsored propogandas , people like you at least are a hope for slaying false/hoax news.
    Kudos keep up the good work.
    Shri krishna-Dehradun

    1. Hi Ananya,

      The crime Number mentioned in the narrative is for the FIR registered against the imposter posing as a naga shadhu, registered with Patel Nagar Police station Dehradun, we have provided also the IPC sections under which he was booked are quoted.

      Further to our investigation we spoke with the Case Investigating Officer Ms.Monika Vandal of Patel Nagar P.S.

      1-Both the parties involved are Hindus, the complainant is S.Kumar from Turner Road Dehradun and the accused Sushil Nath is resident of Jagadari city, Haryana.

      2.The FIR No. 0351 is registered at Patel Nagar Police Station on 24/08/2018

      The occurance of offence/crime as mentioned in FIR is of
      Day-Friday, Date From 24/08/2018-Date To 24/08/2018 at 14:10 Hours.

      Information Received at P.S-24/08/2018 at 20:19 Hours.
      GD reference entry no-048

      For Legal reasons we cannot share a copy of the FIR, but the same can be viewed by visiting Uttrakhand Police website, the FIR No mentioned above can be used to view the relevant FIR, also the telephone number mentioned in the story can be used to enquire the true narrative of the story.

      We hope we have answered your query regarding the aforesaid story.

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