Unbelievable facts about India – You should already Know!

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India – the seventh largest country in area, second largest country population wise and rich in vivid culture and heritage; there is more about this country which will leave a reader amazed. Few of them are listed below.


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Yes! India is the second largest consumer of this precious metal. This country holds 6.18% of the total Foreign Reserves and approx. 600 tonnes of Gold holdings recorded up to 2018 December.

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India has been into discoveries and inventions in their own special ways and the list of Science and Technologies goes even before 3rd millenium B.C.

The number ‘0’, Chess (Chaturanga), Ludo (Pachisi), Snakes and Ladder, Wootz steel, Sugar, Crystal Radio, Shampoo, India Ink, Plough, Mysorean Rockets are the list of just some of the inventions made in India.

For more detailed information on Indian inventions and discoveries, click on the Wikipedia link below.



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Although there are constitutionally recognised 22 different languages and more than 100 constitutionally unrecognised language spoken in this country, India is the second in the WorldList to have maximum English speaking population.


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India has won all the Kabaddi World Cup Championship until now. For viewing the entire list of Kabaddi World Cup Winner’s list, click on the link below.

Wikipedia.org.Kabaddi_World_Cup_(Standard_style) Winner List


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A precious gem that no woman in the world can say no to. The diamond mining originally started in India until 1726, when the second diamond mine discovery in Brazil took place. For more details about the history of mining, click on the link below.



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Did you know that India is the only country where there are protection laws for cows? Yes, you read that right. In India, Cows have always been a holy being and thus making this country the only country where the government has passed laws for Cow Protection and if broken – one can be penalised either by money or by imprisonment. For complete details of the penalty based on different states and legislation, click on the link below.



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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – Malcolm X

India has the world’s first international university. ‘Takshashila’ AKA ‘Taxila’ and is considered to be the first international university. To read further about this university, click on the link below.


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India is the second largest producer of tea in the world with the count of 900,094 tonnes of yield recorded until January 2019. Check out the list Trendrr.net/the-worlds-top-10-tea-producing-nations


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India tops the chart of no. of vegetarians in a country with the count of 31-42% of the total population being vegetarians. In fact, India is the only country in the world where brands like KFC and McDonalds have a vegetarian menu.


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Yes, India has the world’s first floating post office.  This extraordinary post office is located at Dal Lake of Srinagar, located in Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from posting letters here, you can visit the philately museum in this post office and can buy postage stamps and other things like picture postcards, local souvenir, books on Kashmir and more in a shop inside too.

If you wish to find out information on visiting this country, click on the Government Website link for Indian Tourism below.