Did 56 women Died After Using Sanitary Pads?

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A story doing the rounds on social media claims: 56 women died at a Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai because of sanitary pads such as Whisper, Stayfree, etc. The chemical used in ultra napkins, which converts liquid into gel, causes cancer in bladder and Uterus.

However, the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India, has professed neither knowing nor endorsing anything about the warnings and its claims. And although the extended wear of a single sanitary pad for a prolonged period of time might potentially cause some hygiene and health issues, we found nothing to substantiate the notion that simply wearing one pad per day (rather than changing pads every five hours or less) creates any serious medical concern, much less that it leads to uterine and bladder cancer, has turned anyone’s blood green, or has caused the deaths of 56 Young women.

FactCrescendo verifies this story as Hoax and requests our users to fact check stories before beliveing them as true.