Fact Check: The Viral Picture Showing Garlands On PM Modi & CM Yogi’s Photos

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Social Media platforms had a good laugh when a picture of Indian Prime Minister & Uttar Pradesh chief minister with garlands on their respective photo’s hung at U.P’s Bulandsehar nagar Palika office wall went Viral, garlanding photos is a general norm to adorn & showing respect to the deceased people.
The person chairing the meeting of Palika officials is nagar Palika chairman Mr. Manoj Garg who ironically belongs to BJP


The Photo’s were garlanded on the occasion of Independence day “15th August 2018”.
The garlands were removed as soon as the officials realised the mistake but it was too late as the pictures had already made to the social platforms.
“In response to the above goof-up executive officer of nagar Palika parishad Mr. A.K Singh, have said that they have constituted a probe into the matter and a report will be submitted to the chairman and the person responsible for the act will be punished.”
We did a fact check on the story and found that this story was shared by various local news papers like paprika, Navbharat-times, divyamarathi-bhaskar to name a few, when contacted the E.O, we were told that the report is still to be submitted.
FactCrescendo verifies this story as true

3 thoughts on “Fact Check: The Viral Picture Showing Garlands On PM Modi & CM Yogi’s Photos

  1. Do you guys have any update on the enquiry, would be great if a followup is given on the same.

    1. Dear Manuj,
      Thank you for your response, however we are a fact checking website and have presented the story with narratives of its being true.
      Post your request we have contacted the E.O of Nagar palika Bulandsahar on (05732286116), and we were updated that an internal enquiry is in process and the relevant Garden Supervisor has been sent a notice to clarify his stand.
      We hope that this helps you get more information regarding this event. You can also confirm the same by calling the E.O. at the given number yourself.
      We appriciate your interest and support, please keep sharing your feedback.

  2. This is a real laugh. I am from Bengal and recently I saw a similar kind of a thing on the occasion of Independence Day… There was garlands on the picture of Mamata Banerjee, Bengal’s CM. That was funny and we thought how can someone do this!!! But it’s good to know we are not only doing this… Rest of India also does that. Hi hi

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